Characteristics us men secretly hope to find in our significant other that seldom get vocalized.

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For the longest time, men seemed to come equipped with only a handful of emotions. Things like anger, aggression, rage — you get the point — oftentimes characterized typical male behavior and responses to any and all stimuli, especially when said stimuli is negative. Nowadays, things are starting to change for the better.

The world is realizing that, while we’re deeply flawed, men also have a sensitive side, one chalk-full of rich emotions that extend beyond those usually associated with us — like anger. Even nationally recognized companies like Old Spice are rolling out scented body-washes with lavender and other…

Pointers that will help you make the most of this year, even with the ongoing pandemic.

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In spite of what happened on Capitol Hill earlier this year, 2021 represents the greatest chance at redemption America has seen since slavery was deinstitutionalized. How come? Simply put, 2020 was a clusterf*ck of a year! Recent history hasn’t seen a year like it. The United States was bombarded with an onslaught of negativity, negativity that found a plethora of ways to seep into the very fabric of our beings as a collective society. The end results? …

A poem about the intricacies of love.

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I look around
And see
That people just
Like me
Are giving up
On love
Their hearts grow hard
As stone

Throughout their teens
They moan
And as they age
They groan
Distraught because
They know
They chose to run
From love

See, love it wants
To grow
Be soft and sweet
We hear
A trusting fall
It needs
So you and I

Afraid to risk
My heart
The love it died
Again to find
A partner for
This life

Past lovers have Left scars Hate builds so I Depart…

One proven strategy to ensure your love life remains…lovely.

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Anyone who knows me knows I have a tremendous affinity for sports, particularly basketball. My favorite player to watch growing up was Allen Iverson. Witnessing him cross over Tyronn Lue, then step over him, as he led the Philadelphia 76ers to a game 1 win in the 2001 NBA Finals was nothing short of monumental.

Unfortunately, they’d lose the next four games (and the Finals) to the Los Angeles Lakers, but my love for the sport was cemented so much so, I decided to start playing. I vividly remember taking my first shot attempt at a park close to home…

How a hate-filled encounter in the South forever changed my perspective on race and the importance of race relations.

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It was just another typical autumn day in Arkansas. Autumn is arguably the most beautiful season in “The Natural State.” The overabundance of nature, coupled with the cleanliness of the Northwest portion, leaves one in awe of their surroundings. Trees of all sizes and shapes shed leaves of all hues and shades, inevitably ending up in mounds on lawns and walkways, in driveways, and pretty much everywhere else.

Cars whisk them off of windshields and into streets, creating mini funnels and…

Common pitfalls to avoid if you want a better shot at a second and subsequent outings.

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We’re living in strange times. The world seems to be fragmented in a myriad of ways. From the global pandemic, to concerns about global warming, the environment, and the overall state of the planet, to what feels like the incessant killing of minorities by law enforcement officials who took an oath to protect them, it’s no colloquialism to say there’s a lot going on right now. Sadly, most of these happenings have created a clear divide between people of all walks of life.

There are those who believe the Covid-19 spread is a hoax, manufactured in a government lab as…

These two ancient art forms can radically improve the quality of your life and your overall happiness.

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What if I told you that yoga and meditation may be the missing link between your ability to maximize your daily output — all while remaining positive and upbeat — and any feelings of fatigue or lethargy you still experience? If you’re skeptical, I completely understand. Up until somewhat recently, I was myself. Growing up in a household with my adoptive parents, like most young people, I was subject to their parental influence.

They impressed their beliefs on me, my biological siblings, and…

Beware of the beautiful, bold, and brave.

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In today’s day and age where people rely on social media and dating apps to find significant others, it may be a bit challenging to find “the one.” Not everyone is ready or willing to rely on technology to make what is widely considered one of the most important decisions a human being can make — their choice of spouse or partner. As a younger millennial, dating amongst my generation is almost done exclusively through the use of technology.

Countless hours are spent swiping, liking, unliking, and undoing any version of the infamous “super like,” a way to really convey…

Effective strategies to ensure you never lack the joy and wonder of youth.

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While I consider myself somewhat limited in the life experiences column, I know of no one who claims to want to lead a life lacking happiness. In these challenging times, I’ve seen all manner of attempts to find it taken by loved ones and those closest to me, as well as individuals from afar. As a society, we seek happiness through relationships, material possessions, even through experiences.

While all of these outward expressions are great, very rarely do they come from within, where I think happiness should…

Why being black in today’s world terrifies me.

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Fear is one of the most profound emotions an individual can experience. It has the power to ruin lives, livelihoods, or an individual’s ability to thrive. It causes people to lash out, act out, or make irrational choices in the name of self-defense and protection. When I was really young, before fear had any say so in my day-to-day excursions, my life was chalk-full of the wonder that stems from the magic of childhood.

Sights, smells, sounds — I found them all captivating and entrancing. The wonder of my youth was never…

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Native of Philadelphia, PA. Writing has been a part of my life for 23 years. My wordplay is like…2 smart kids going at it in a game of Scrabble.

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